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Donation and helping the needy people

Dahati Sarmaya is constantly participating in donations and assistance to families with low incomes in cooperation with the Sulaymaniyah Chamber of Commerce. In return, we granted thanks and appreciation letters for our charitable work.

Company annual meeting

Our company organizes an annual meeting for the purpose of thanking and rewarding our employees on the occasion of spending a year of work and holding a lunch feast in honor of the company’s staff and spending time celebrating and renewing our covenant with employees on work and planning for the next year.

Training and development

Dahati Sarmaya is continuously working on developing its employees and improve their capabilities through the establishment of training courses.

Activity with the American University

Dahati Sarmaya is participating in Earth Day Festival in coordination with the American University.

Students support

Dahati Saramaya company contributed to helping the students of Tishke University to complete a scientific study on our company's business and activities.

Supporting educational organizations

Dahati Sarmana Company is keen to support the participants in the leadership development course in cooperation with the training academy organization.

Provide cleaners for schools

Out of interest and concern for future generations, Dahati Sarmana Company provided liquid hand soap and distributed it to kindergarten and primary schools within the Education Department east of the city of Sulaymaniyah.

Reward the company's clients

Dahati Saramaya is constantly rewarding its customers by distributing several prizes of household appliances, mobile phones, and gold lira.

Grant a car prize to customers

During the financial crisis that the region went through and for the purpose of encouraging our customers, our company granted one winner a car through the lottery to encouraging and supporting them to challenge the difficulties and overcome obstacles to continue working, and this step was welcomed with great appreciation.

Customer promotion

Organizing lunch banquets for Dahati Sarmana customers to encourage them and enhance the spirit of harmony and work between the company and its customers.

Meeting with clients

Our company is keen to organize periodic meetings with clients for the purpose of seeing their problems and observations as well as listening to their valuable suggestions.