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Dahati Sarmaya

The Most Powerful Distribution Company for Providing Daily Market Needs

With Dahati Sarmaya

By continuing with us, you will get benefit from our services and all requirements will reach your market by:

  • The Easiest Way
  • Very Quickly
  • Best Price
  • More Items


The confidence in our products, our experience, and our work is the reason for our continuing


We are constantly trying to facilitate our business for the customers through creativity


Ensuring more product sales and creativity in our business guarantees success


Dahati Sarmaya is the most powerful and prominent distributing company to provide daily necessities for small and large markets in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. It is evident that the strength of Dahati Sarmaya Company comes from the idea of its work, its human resources, loyalty, and efficient staff to serve the citizens with the best supplies. Dahati Sarmaya Company was established in 2013 and it is an extension of the business experiences and efforts of the first person in the company. With the beginnings of Kurdistan's openness to the world, especially in the commercial aspect, we began working in 1991 with a distinctive mentality, ideas and work in the field of wholesale, beginning in (Zheer) market, then expanding to larger stores, and subsequently establishing the Dahati Sarmaya company. Starting the business of distributing all the daily market needs in a new and modern style. Dahati Sarmaya provides its services with new methods and ideas annually and raises the level of work year after year. Therefore, Dahati Sarmaya provides its services to customers in a manner that cannot compete with or compensate by its competitors.


  • We consider our company along with our customers are one family
  • We consider our customer’s interest above anything else
  • Always provide more facilities and better services
  • Our staff is our greatest asset
  • The markets and Dahati Sarmaya are complete each other


We are available, wherever there is a market

This is our mission, as well as our goal, and for the sake of that our company was founded. To achieve it, we are growing and continue working.


We provide you best-selling items, therefore Dahati Sarmaya contributes to increasing your revenue

We provide all the requirements for your market very quickly

We provide a variety of items to your market without any effort and hesitation

Dahati Sarmaya considers its customers an integral part of its world, and its employees are considered its greatest wealth

We inform the markets about their deficiencies via our employees

Dahati Sarmaya provides famous and popular products in addition to its own products


Dahati Sarmaya is the exclusive agent for below brands

  • Saray
  • Nene
  • MrKrisper
  • Meto
  • Lucy
  • Eti
  • Aldiva


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